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International Islamic University of Malaysia visits SDU

18 Temmuz 2017 Salı 14:30 tarihinde eklendi | 1518 defa okundu

Prof. Dr. Rahman Binti Ahmad H. Osman, Dean of the Compound of Religion and Human Sciences of Malaysia International Islamic University paid a visit to our university to exchange views on the new academic cooperation agreements. The guest dean Prof. Dr. Rahman Binti Ahmad H. Osman was received by the delegation of the Chief Coordinatorship for International Relations under Prof. Dr. Haluk Songur, the Chief Coordinator of the International Relations and the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

The guest dean and the delegation participated in a meeting held at the rectorate with the presence of Vice-Rectors Prof. Dr. Nihat Ayyıldız and Prof. Dr. Mehmet Saltan, as well as the Secretary General Assist. Prof. Vahdettin Aydın and Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Serdal Terzi.

Subsequent to the meeting, a well-rounded presentation was made at the Conference Hall of the Chief Coordinatorship for International Relations, which was then followed by a comprehensive university tour - including some visits paid to Prof. Dr. Alim Koşar, to Assist. Prof. Ahmet Sait Özkul and to Assist. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Albayrak - arranged to Faculty of Medicine, Communication, Theology and the Directorate of Distance Education attached to the Junior College.


Malaysia International Islamic University and SDU have been carrying out an academic exchange programme under the scope of Mevlana Agreement since 2014.



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