Fast Facts at a Glance


The Süleyman Demirel University (SDU), is a public university located in Isparta, Turkey. SDU was founded on 11 July 1992 in Isparta. The university is named after Süleyman Demirel. The faculty of Engineering and Architecture is the first faculty in the university which was formerly known as Isparta State Engineering and Architecture Academy founded in 1976. 

The university, with around 90.000 students, is the second largest academic institution in Turkey. SDU is known for its programs in agricultural research, medicine, engineering, and business sciences. The university (Institution Code: TR ISPARTA01) is approved by the Erasmus programme for participation and funding. SDU is a member of European University Association.



  • 1992


  • Faculties: 19
  • Junior Colleges: 3
  • Vocational High Schools: 20
  • Institutes: 6
  • Research and Application Centers: 6
  • Diploma Programs: 


  • Instructors: 2162
  • Administrative Staff: 1695


  • Associate Degree:  175
  • Undergraduate: 1079
  • Graduate: 493
  • Open and Distance Learning: 
  • Approximately Total: 86.000 students

For further statistical values regarding gender distribution of students, number of exchange students and alumnis, please visit our Student Information System


Academic Ranking of SDU among Turkish and Abroad Universities


  • A university that inspires


  • 2 Campuses

The Library Collection

  • 1 Million Books (Approximately)


  • Prof. Dr. İlker Hüseyin Çarıkçı


Our Organisational Structure



1-Eğirdir Faculty of Fisheries

2-The Faculty of Agriculture

3-The Faculty of Arts and Sciences

4-The Faculty of Communication

5-The Faculty of Dentistry

6-The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

7-The Faculty of Education

8-The Faculty of Engineering

9-The Faculty of Fine Arts

10-The Faculty of Forestry

11-The Faculty of Achitecture

12-The Faculty of Law

13-The Faculty of Medical Sciences

14-The Faculty of Medicine

15-The Faculty of Pharmacy

16-The Faculty of Sports Sciences

17-The Faculty of Technical Education

18-The Faculty of Technology

19-The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Junior Colleges

1-Eğirdir Tourism and Hotel Administration

2-The School of Foreign Languages

3-Yalvaç Büyükkutlu School of Applied Sciences

Vocational Schools

1-Aksu Mehmet Süreyya Demiraslan Vocational School

2-Atabey Vocational School

3-Distance Education Vocational School

4-Eğirdir Health Services Vocational Schools

5-Eğirdir Vocational School

6-Gelendost Vocational School

7-Gönen Vocational School

8-Isparta Health Services Vocational School

9-Isparta Vocational School

10-Justice Vocational School

11-Keçiborlu Vocational School

12-Senirkent Vocational School

13-Sütçüler Prof.Dr. Hasan Gürbüz Vocational School

14-Şarkikaraağaç Tourism Vocational School

15-Şarkikaraağaç Vocational School

16-Technical Sciences Vocational School

17-Uluborlu Selahattin Karasoy Vocational School

18-Yalvaç Technical Sciences Vocational School

19-Yalvaç Vocational School

20-Yenişarbademli Vocational School


1-Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

2-The Institute of Education Sciences

3-The Institute of Fine Arts

4-The Institute of Medical Sciences

5-The Institute of Social Sciences

6-The Institute of Water Science

Research Centers


2-Alevi Bektashi Culture


4-Atatürk Principles and Revolutions

5-Botanical Garden and Herbarium

6-Cad Cam


8-Computer Sciences

9-Culture of Music

10-Dentistry Science

11-District of Lakes Water Resources

12-Earthquake and Geotechnical

13-Empirical and Observational Student

14-Energy Research

15-European Union Documentation

16-Fight Education of Forest Fires


18-Geothermal Energy, Underground Water and Mineral Resources


20-Hydrogen Research


22-Lifelong Learning

23-Neurological Sciences

24-Problems of Women


26-Remote Sensing

27-Renewable Energy Sources

28-Research and Application Hotels

29-Rose and Rose Products

30-Search and Rescue

31-Sport Sciences

32-Statistic Consultancy

33-Strategic Researches

34-Teaching of Turkish Language

35-Technological Materials

36-Textile, Handcrafts

37-The Handicapped


39-Village Institutes Education

40-Corporate Communication

41-Motor Vehicles

42-Sleep Disorders Diagnostic Treatment

43- Laboratory Animals and Medical Research

44-Natural and Indüstrial Building Materials

45-Gifted People Research and Application Center

46-Uluğbey Viticultural and Wine Culture


1-Academician Training Program (ÖYP) Coordinatorship

2-African Countries Corporation Coordinatorship

3-Balkan Countries Corporation Coordinatorship

4-Coordinatorship of Service for Students from Turkic Republics and Other Turkic Societies

5-Counseling and Guidance Coordinatoship

6-Education and Training Coordinatorship

7-Erasmus Institution Coordinatorship

8-Ertokuş Bey Classrooms Coordinatorship

9-European Credit Transfer System Coordinatorship

10-Farabi Coordinatorship

11-Human Resources Coordinatorship

12-International Affairs Office General Coordinatship

13-Middle East Affairs Coordinatorship

14-National and International Research Studies Coordinatorship

15-Publishing Coordinatoship

16-Research Centers Coordinatorship

17-SDÜ Eğirdir Campus Coordinatorship

18-SDÜ Yalvaç Campus Coordinatorship

19-Software Coordinatorship

20-Statistics and Data Analyze Coordinatorship

21-Technocity Coordinatorship

22-University and Charitable Institutions Coordinatorship

23-University Law Affairs Coordinatorship

24-University-TİKA Corporation Coordinatorship

25-Vocational Schools Coordinatorship

26-WEB Coordinatoship

27-Mevlana Coordinatoship

28-Press Coordinatoship

29--Information and Technology Coordinatorship

30- Other Countries Coordinatorship

31- Foreign Students Coordinatorship

32- Sport Facilities Coordinatorship

33- Health Oriented External Relations Coordinatorship

34- Health Tourism Executive Committee and Health Tourism Coordinatorship

35- Scientific Researches Coordinatorship

36- Culture and Protocol Coordinatorship

37- Faculty and School Secretaries Coordinatorship

38- Handicapped Students Coordinatorship

39-  ADIM Universities Coordinatorship

40- Student Affairs Deanery

Units Under Rectorate

1-Ataturk’s Principles and History Department

2-Deanery Of Student Affairs

3-Fine Arts Department

4-Informatic Department

5-Physical Education and Sport Department

6-Turkish Language Department