About Us

A University that Completed its Institutionalization

Süleyman Demirel University is a state university which was founded in 1992 on a strong based higher education system in Isparta. SDU is one of the prominent higher education institutions for our country with its academic units that it has today, instructors and the number of students, physical capacity and scientific research, social, cultural and sport activities. It has 18 faculties giving undergraduate education, and also 3 high schools, 20 vocational schools give associate degrees, 6 institutes give graduate educations and 46 research and application centers. Most of the university buildings are on the centre campus in Isparta.

A University having a Powerful Social Atmosphere

SDU has drawn a reference university profile and leaded among other young universities with its strong ambience, the structure of its rich life area, cultural and sport facilities. SDU is one of the largest scale universities in Turkey with its spatial seniority of social life areas and functions by 69 student clubs, sport halls, information center, and library. 

A Leading University in its Region

SDU signed a lot of alteration and innovations by assuming a leader position of its territory in the industrialization, agricultural improvement and technological fields. It has been providing a lot of contributions to the improvement of the region of lakes with its modern boot camps and strong academic stuff. It is like a locomotive of both Isparta and the region of lakes with its over 70 thousand students, researching handled and fields of application that created.

An Internationalized University

The other important side of SDU is that it has realized scientific progresses in different fields such as Erasmus Exchange Program and Bologne Process, collaboration ceremonies done by intercollegiate and foreign-sourced research projects performed inter disciplines. While SDU aims to be a university whose progresses are in an international level, its supreme to the local in the frame of modernist axis; SDU is a university where changing programs are used in highest level for students and instructors to be individuals opening up to the world. SDU is also an international university which accepts students from world countries; especially Balkans, Caucasus, Middle-East and Turkish Republics.

A Project-Oriented University

Especially projects, which have been gained in recent years such as TUBİTAK, DPT and EU Frame Program, bring the side of Project to forefront of SDU among the Turkish Universities. SDU is a major university taking place on the top levels among the other universities in Turkey with its students and instructors who think innovative, producing high technology and with their Project-oriented studies providing its spread.

A University Constituting a Techno-City

It has aimed to be a science lair where the Techno-city of the region of lakes meets university and industry, academic knowledge circle to economic value, has the tradition of the search and the improvement providing positive contribution to the national economy and export. In this sense, it is seen as one of the best institutionalized universities composing of Techno-city.

A University Averaging Turkey with its Physical Conditions

Having a distance of 8 km, the transportation to the city centre can be provided easily. The centre campus with its 10 thousand acres area has been projected as it will harbor all of the faculties, laboratories, ateliers, computer centers, libraries, culture centers and the other social and sport facilities in the future.

Academic Education Opportunities

Double Major

The aim of the double major programme is to provide an opportunity to have a second bachelor degree at the same time for the students who are successful at their major programme. Our students can apply to the declared major programme from the beginning of the 3rd semester and the till the beginning of the 5th semester.


It is an education programme providing an opportunity for the students who are successful at their major programme to acquaint themselves with another department they’re interested in. The minor programme which is declared at our university can be applied, from the beginning of the 3rd semester till the beginning of the 5th semester.

Student Projects

In recent years, SDU has a big lead within the context of the student projects accepted to the ‘Domestic/Abroad Support Programme for University Students’ throughout Turkey. In this sense, our students’ ability of creating projects are improved and both our undergraduate and postgraduate students can be supported financially via these projects. Students enjoy making money by learning, creating, and being in the academic life.

Erasmus and Farabi Exchange Programmes

If you are a student who is exultant, wants to see the different cities, countries, universities, aims to be active in the process of education and wants to get most out of being a student, SDU is the right choice for you. You can study at SDU as an exchange student for a few terms thanks to the agreements which are made by SDU with many domestic and foreign universities. Depending on the agreements, you can have education one or two terms at many reputable universities situated in England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Finland, Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania and many other  European countries. For your applications you can visit the Erasmus Coordinator of your department and International Relations Office; besides you can visit International Relations page on the web site of SDU.

There is another opportunity for SDU students which they can have an education for one or two terms at domestic universities. Within the Farabi Student Exchange Programme you can study at the universities which are in major cities in Turkey and you may have plus values for your student life. SDU exceedingly offers the opportunities of being a university which is very active in the process of Farabi Programme and student -academic exchange in Turkey. For the applications you can apply to your department and Farabi Coordinators of SDU. Furthermore, you can visit the web page of Farabi Coordinators via website of SDU.

Opportunities That We Offer

Part-Time Jobs

In our university, the students are able to work in their spare time according to their interests and abilities in various production and service units of the university. SDU offers part-time job opportunities to the over 500 students. The units are occupied intensively with part-time works are library, data processing, conventional center, sports facilities, corporate communication center, research centers, laboratories and ateliers, and medico-social and nourishment.


According to the quotas allocated to the university, the scholarships to the students throughout the school year are given in cash by the general directorate of credit and dormitories agency (KYK). Furthermore, our students can also benefit from refundable or non-refundable scholarships or loan facilities provided by public and private sector institutions, great numbers of voluntary organizations or foundations and companies.

Information Center (Library)

SDU Prof. Dr. Hasan Gürbüz Information Center, which is one of the largest libraries of Anatolia, has been maintaining their working in the direction of providing more qualified services to SDU students and users by following the technological developments. It is one of the rare university libraries working a 7/24 in Turkey.

Four-floored SDU information center, which is located in an 8000 square meters and provides 950 inhabitation facilities, has a rich collection consisting of 123.000 printed books,104.000 electronic books, 950  different periodic publication, 28.100 electronic magazines, 4400 CD - DVD and 55 online data base forming a basis for scientific research (such as essays ,books ,and thesis browser).

You can scan all of the publications in the Information Center through the web page of SDU and reach unlimited scientific publications published in the country and abroad with online databases which have been subscribed by SDU, through the internet. Therefore, internet scanning terminals taking part in the Information Center are always kept open for the use of our students.

You can always benefit from the collections of books and periodicals, and borrow the publications you want. You can get all kinds of scientific publications from many libraries both domestic and abroad and take advantages of multimedia opportunities. You can also read all the newspapers subscribed in the Information Center to utilize the work areas whenever you want, you can reach the world's knowledge through the SDU Information Center. We are waiting you for being a member of our Information Center to feel the difference of SDU taking an aim of being global university and the library page through the SDU web page.


In Medico-Social Center under the Directorate of Health Department, health services are provided to students studying in the faculties and academies affiliated to our university.                                        

After the first examination in Medico- Social, the patient is consigned to the university Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Dentistry for the further evaluation and treatment if it is necessary. Our students studying out of the main campus can benefit from the Health Clinics and State Hospitals of where they are located.   

Süleyman Demirel University health card is organized for foreign-scholarship-students receiving higher education on the space-available basis by the Higher Education Council. The examination and treatment expenses are went over by the budget of university. Foreign scholarship students can take SDU health cards by applying personally to the Health, Culture and Sports Department.

 The other students have been taken the scope of the law no.5510 Social Insurance and General Health Insurance as of the date 01/01/2012. Examination and treatment expenses are covered by the Social Security Administration.


 At the kitchen compartments, situated  in 5 separate units such as ;the east campus refectory, the west campus refectory, health faculty, faculty of fine arts, and agriculture training center, connected to our university, are given lunch and dinner to about 4000 students and staffs. The dishes are prepared by calculating their daily calorie under the dietitians’ control. The calorie and protein value of the dishes that serve at the kitchen compartments are published in the SDU website.

Nourishment Aids

Our university provides free lunch to the students having no sufficient financial possibilities. After having been learnt the requirement degree of student, it is determined the students getting nourishment aid within the frame of quota departed to the faculties and the academies every year.


SDU gives importance to the development of student’s sport experiment. Sport and entertainment centers situated in the campus are adding a different dimension to the campus life. You can do sports such as; turf football field, basketball, volleyball, handball, artificial football field, tennis, athleticism, horse riding, fitness, step, aerobic, cycle, climbing, and table tennis. There are another sport opportunities like mountaineering, diving, paragliding, orienteering, and cross out of the university but in striking distance.

Atatürk Sports Center and Olympic Swimming Pool situated in the east campus are regarded as one of the best sports centers of its region and Turkey in respect to their capacity and equipment. Because of the vicinity of Isparta, it is one of the leading winter sport center of our country, additional importance is given to the winter sports than to the other sport branches. In this respect, sport activities are organized in Davraz Ski Center.

Due to the substructures and possibilities on the field of sport medicine of our university, Isparta has become one of the most preferred places by national and international athletes. Main football clubs and athletes spend their summer camps in Davraz. Important competitions such as volleyball and handball matches are performed in SDU Atatürk indoor sports hall.

Student Clubs

In terms of student clubs, SDU is the richest university in Turkey with its 87 student clubs in consideration of 2011-2012 academic year. The increasing number of student clubs at SDU is also the indicator of the richness of social life. These clubs offer wide range of hobby to our students during their university education. It is possible to improve your human affairs, to have new abilities and to spend your time with creating at SDU which has student clubs almost in every branch of science, culture and art.

Social Life in our Campus

SDU offers a campus which has a wide-atmosphere of the social world as well as the rich-content educational programs to the students.

Campus is a day and night living space with its cultural centers, art houses, dining halls, cafeterias, sport units, banks, transportation and communication offices, dormitories, entertainment places, student square and fests.

Cultural and Art Activities

SDU Prof. Dr. M. Lütfü Çakmakçı Conventional Center accelerates to education by hosting many cultural activities every year. In SDU’s conventional centers, congress halls and exhibition halls which are in the campus side or on the outside of SDU campus, you can be able to watch famous theatre plays; you can observe the details of paper marbling, painting and photography arts; you can be able to present your own plays, and share your paintings or photographs with its stakeholders. You can be able to attend interviews of people who are famous in-field, and find chance to join some radio or TV shows which are famous in throughout the country. Furthermore, you may add spice and zest to your boring life by attending the cultural-art days and theatre festivals.


You can be able to share your opinions with those who attend career days and national symposiums and also benefit from their knowledge and experiences.

Besides, in the process of internationalization of SDU, representatives of foreign and domestic universities attend different kind of ceremonies every year. In this sense our students have an opportunity to learn about different cultures and education models.

Spring Fests And Concerts

Spring fest which is coordinated every spring term has been integrated and time-honored with SDU. The students light up with the concerts of famous singers and find chances to watch painting, photography and ceramic galleries, representations of movies and theatres, and presentations of folk-dancing and modern dancing.  The spring fests become more entertaining with the little competitions among the students.

Student Square

The Student square, which takes part at the East-Campus of SDU, is formed as an open-air theatre to let the students show their abilities, to arrange music, theatre and painting activities. Since the student clubs are settled in that area, meeting and socializing are provided between them and team works take place easier. Furthermore, student square provides pure atmosphere for broad participation concerts.