Message from the President


Dear Students,


As the Family of the Süleyman Demirel University, I would like to – wholeheartedly – welcome you to our university and beloved city of Isparta and extend my best wishes for your success and well-being throughout the time to be spent at SDU.

Süleyman Demirel University (SDU), which is among the youngest and the most renowned universities in Turkey, has positioned itself as one of the prominent higher education institutions in our country with its academic units, academic staff, and physical capacity, and scientific researches, social, cultural and sportive activities. Our university is distinguished from other Anatolian universities established in the same year by its qualified academic staff, who are expert in their fields and put their signature under important scientific studies.

Founded in 1992, the SDU has been striving for excellence in every field of the academic life. It has 3,857 staff members in total, including 2,162 academic and 1,695 administrative personnel. A promising education complex with nearly 90,000 students – 3,000 of which are internationals, 19 Faculties, 4 Higher Schools, 21 Vocational Schools, 6 Institutes, 46 Research and Application Centers, Modern Sports Facilities, offers wide range of Research and Development Studies and Services.

With its pioneering approach, SDU has undertaken many innovations and initiated proactive change in the fields of industrialization, agricultural development, and technology in its immediate region.

The number of graduates of SDU has exceeded 163 000 since 1992, the year it was founded. These figures indicate that our university is a well-esteemed establishment all across Turkey. SDU, aiming to improve qualified higher education mentality, acts as a catalyst in all scopes of the academic realm and prioritise simultaneously cultural and artistic studies, besides the ongoing scientific ones.

Our university, where nearly 1.000 cultural, art, and scientific activities have been carried out annually, is the light of science, culture hub of Lakes Region and is integrated into the European Zone. In this context, the High School of Foreign Languages of SDU enjoys the European Language Portfolio and the SDU- ipso facto- has become one of the first state universities having been granted an accredited international language passport. In accordance with it, students of SDU are entitled to have an internationally recognized language passport subsequent to the completion of their preparatory language education.

Another crucial aspect of SDU is that it has realised scientific breakthroughs in various fields such as Erasmus and Bologna processes, has made Inter-University cooperation protocols and conducted foreign-funded interdisciplinary research projects.

The target of SDU is to evolve into a more globalised university bringing together the local, the national and manifest itself at the international level by means of exchange programs that further internationalise its students and academic staff.

In this endeavour, SDU is an international university welcoming students from different parts of the World, in particular from Balkans, Caucasus, the Middle East and the Turkic Republics. International students will thus never feel themselves in a foreign country thanks to the friendly atmosphere experienced within SDU.

Proceeding from the responsibility we are bound by and the academic approach we attach utmost importance to, we provide our students with endless opportunities and promise pride, joy and hope while they are sailing to a new life at SDU.

Last but not least, we, as SDU, need to take the lead on every project that contributes to humanity, scientific innovation, world peace and civilization and welcome brand-new inspirations to be emerged from new incoming students preferring to study at SDU.  


Prof. Dr. İlker Hüseyin ÇARIKÇI