Within the framework of the recommendations of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health and the statements of our Higher Education Council, it was decided by our University Senate to conduct education with the Hybrid Education Model for the 2020-2021 Academic Year Spring semester.

In the following faculties where practice-based education is conducted:

1-      Faculty of Education

2-      Faculty of Dentistry

3-      Faculty of Fine Arts

4-      Faculty of Sports

and in the following graduate schools:

5-      Graduate School of Social Sciences

6-      Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

7-      Graduate School of Educational Sciences

8-      Graduate School of Fine Arts

9-      And other units where practice-based education is conducted

Face-to-face lessons will be held within the framework of the Hybrid Education Model.

10-  In all other academic units, theoretical courses will continue to be held by distance education method.


It is possible to make changes in the decisions taken by our Senate according to the possible decisions of our Provincial Sanitation Board, the course of the pandemic and the speed of vaccination.

For detailed information, it is advisable to visit the webpages of the relevant academic units. It is announced with respect to our students, faculty members and the public.


SDU Rectorate

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